Absolut Empire's Ball



This year we’re looking for 10 houses and we will have 2 prelims, 1 semi-final, and 1 finale.

  • We will have 5 houses performing in each prelim night, the top two houses will move forward to the semi-finals.

  • Prelim Nights: Each house will need to perform 1 Solo Number, and 1 Group Number. Any member of your house can perform the solo number.

  • The top 4 houses are guaranteed a spot at the Semi-Finals

  • The house with the highest prelim score from the remaining houses will get the 5th spot

  • Each house will need to perform 1 Solo Number, and 1 Group Number. The Drag Parent must do the Solo Number.

  • The top 3 Houses will compete in the finale

  • Each house will be required to do have each member perform a solo act, and 1 group number

  • Remaining houses will be required to perform a group number for the finale


The preliminary and semi-final competitions will take place at Buddies in Bad Times on May 4th, 11th and 18th from 7:30p.m. -10:00p.m., with the grand finale happening at the Phoenix Theatre on June 18th.

See the top 4 houses compete for the crown, with performances by the entire cast of season 3, Scarlett BoBo, Helena Poison, Ivory Towers and more.

Join us for our Scarlett BoBo and Hollywood Jade meet and greet as well!

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We will also have 2 former Absolut Empires Ball Contestants judging the Prelims & Semis, and our finale night will also be made up of former contestants.


As usual, the crowd is the other judge, crowd votes will be added to your final scores, so bring your fans every time you perform.


This year, scores will be recorded and tabulated electronically and made available to the houses in real time.